Welcome to Celebrity CEO™ Coaching and Mastermind

Welcome to Celebrity CEO™ Coaching and Mastermind

For Coaches, Consultants, Authors and Speakers Who Want to Be More Known, Build their Personal Brand and Grow their Business.

The exclusive mastermind community for coaches, authors, and speakers to build powerful personal brands that create 5-figure plus contracts, more speaking engagements, and exceptional business growth. 

Let me ask you...

Are you amazing in your area of expertise and you’re ready to create a personal brand that’s impactful and celebrated? 

Do you want to STOP being the "best kept secret"?

Are you ready to grace more stages with your brilliance…and successfully reach people who need you the most?


If you said, “yes,” yes,” and “YES!!”…

The Celebrity CEO™ Coaching & Mastermind Community is for you!

Welcome to the Celebrity CEO™️ Coaching and Membership Community

Whether you’re an existing founder and you’re ready to walk across big stages sharing your mastery with the world…

Or an entrepreneur eager to take your business to the next level…and 2023 is your year!

Or you’re an executive seeking to launch your own business…and you’re curious about the steps to create a compelling personal brand that stands out…

The Celebrity CEO™ Coaching & Mastermind Community was designed with you in mind.

We equip you with VIP-level training, success strategies, and top experts to propel your entrepreneurial career and expand your impact.

As a result, you’ll secure more contracts, land new speaking opportunities, and increase your net-worth and network inside our community!

You’ll join ambitious entrepreneurs just like you where the conversations are different and the energy is live!

We. Are. Your. People.

What Do You Get Inside the Celebrity CEO™ Program?

Superior Support

Expert Training and Coaching

You’ll receive ANSWERS, GUIDANCE, and the STRATEGY from Celebrity CEO™ coaches to make each step of your business as clear as possible. This will allow you to connect with more clients, build an even better offer/product, and make a bigger impact in your community and the world!


Celebrity CEO™ is ALL about making sure we look at your wins and SHOUT THEM OUT! Recognizing and celebrating your wins is vital to your entrepreneurial journey. You KNOW that you’re growing and it reaffirms your business decision! During Winning Wednesday, you’ll have a platform to BRAG about what you’re accomplishing every single week!

Access to Brands and Experts

Ramon has worked with some of the biggest brands for small businesses and he’s bringing those connections into Celebrity CEO™ Coaching! As a member, you’ll hear from brand experts from companies like Constant Contact, Canva, Keap, Zoho and more.

Special Access to Premium Content

Additionally, you’ll learn from experts in sales, marketing, design, and mindset. Any event that we host (i.e. in-person conferences), you’ll get access with your membership or a special discount.

But wait, there's more..

When you join the Celebrity CEO™, you get access to these amazing bonuses:

The Small Business Workshop from Ramon Ray (value: $997)
Created with Seth Godin and AltMBA, The SBW is a fast track guide to the essentials of small business operations and success. Covering topics such as finance, mindset, offer, sales, and more – the Small Business Workshop, taught by Ramon Ray – is an asset that will help you find the next steps at each point in your business.

The Champions Mindset Masterclass from Larissa Harrington (value: $997)
Larissa Harrington and Ramon Ray dive DEEP in a session on how to create valuable mindsets for your entrepreneurial journey. These pillars that Larissa shares will show you exactly how to handle hardship as you grow, how to become extremely clear on your why and who you serve, and fall in LOVE with the journey of business. This Masterclass is designed to give you massive clarity and awareness.


When I was fired from the United Nations, I was forced into full time entrepreneurship. I gained and mastered the skills of capturing attention in a crowded market, gaining trust with potential clients, and landing amazing opportunities.. 

For over 20 years I’ve helped thousands of business owners grow their companies. 

I’m an in-demand motivational keynote speaker, 5x author and serial entrepreneur who has sold 3 companies. 

This is the power of the Celebrity CEO™ personal branding blueprint.

My mission is to EMPOWER YOU how to start and build their personal brand!

Get Access to Ramon Ray (5x entrepreneur, and author); his curated team of experts; and a growing list of courses (video, guides, templates, worksheets) to help you GROW your business.

Growing List of Topics Include...

Attention - How To Get Attention of the Right Customer for Your Business
Email Marketing - One of the most powerful yet underutilized tools
Blogging - Sharing Your Expertise Builds Trust (and your Brand)
Publicity - Getting covered by the media builds credibility
Social Media - Content marketing helps people to find you in the social feeds
Books - Publishing and marketing a book gives you an instant boost of credibility
Events - Hosting your own event puts your brand "center stage" (in-person or online)
Video - Video powerfully, humanizes and personalizes your brand

Our Satisfaction Guarantee!

100% NO RISK

There's no contract. You can stop at anytime. Try it out for 30 days. We'll fully refund your month's subscription fee if you're not happy.


Ramon and his experts are the BEST at what they do. Years of experience in growing their businesses and their brands.


You don't have to go anywhere. Right from your computer or phone, you can learn and grow your business..


Here's what other had to say..

-Laurel W

Thank you so much for your amazing attitude and explaining the work so clearly.

-Tamika Q

Your energy and information are very motivating! The content you share is vital and gives me great confidence that I will succeed! I am super excited".

-Jeanne S.

It's incredible helpful to simply hear you go through your process. I learn from mere references you make."

By starting and growing your strong personal brand you will grow your business.

The Celebrity CEO™ coaching program is specifically designed to help coaches and consultants, and authors and speakers get more ATTENTION and build more TRUST – which leads to more SALES.

Ramon has over 20 years of practical experience in brand building and being the Celebrity CEO™ of his industry. He and his team will teach you how you can do it too.

Want help with your podcast? Your first big event? Doing a webinar? Learning how to get media coverage? How to be interviewed on a podcast? Want help marketing your book? The Celebrity CEO™ coaching program can help.